One, Simplified Investment Platform


We give you the technology, investment solutions, and support needed to simplify your business and enable growth, in one cohesive platform. Stop wasting time and money managing multiple technologies and take control with ONE streamlined platform transforming the way you do business.  

Intuitive Advisor Technology

Fulcrum's customizable platform empowers advisors to Plan, Propose, Invest, and Grow with a platform of advisor technology designed to work seamlessly together.

Financial Planning


Make your clients’ aspirations a reality by connecting their financial goals with investment strategies to create actionable plans that help secure their now AND their future.

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Proposal Generation


Build well diversified investment portfolios with a proposal generator that guides you through risk assessment, investment selection, and portfolio delivery.

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Investment Options


Gain access to top-rated strategies using our curated list of third-party strategists each of which is vetted and monitored through a dedicated due diligence process.

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