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Fulcrum's mission is to power the advisor-client journey by enabling financial advisors to Plan, Propose, Invest, and Grow within a single, connected, technology-driven experience.


At Fulcrum, we realize that using multiple platforms to manage today's complex client relationships is extremely time consuming and ineffective. In addition to the time and money spent managing these platforms, a lack of integration often leads to additional inefficiencies.

In an effort to provide a better solution, we partnered with the top fintech providers available and developed a holistic, advisor centric platform that integrates all aspects of the investment management process.  

Fulcrum combines financial planning, proposal generation, and access to institutional investment strategies into ONE customizable platform designed specifically to help investment firms, advisors, and clients reach their full potential.

We invite you to partner with us and empower your advisors with the tools and resources needed to accelerate growth and create positive, long-lasting client relationships.

Craig Love - Founder and President

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Our Partners


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For over 30 years, Schwab has been a leader in supporting independent Registered Investment Advisors. Schwab is committed to the success of firms of all sizes, regardless of background, assets under management, or business complexity.


Make the complex, simpler. From investing to financial planning and pricing, our goal is to be straightforward and help with your unique needs.


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