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It has been our experience that most investment firms only concentrate on growing capital.  While growing capital is important, we feel protecting capital is equally as important.  It is our belief, that these two objectives should go hand-in-hand.


Based on this belief, we design our strategies with an emphasis on downside protection and controlling exposure to risk. Our goal is to reduce exposure during negative periods as we believe that avoiding significant losses is critical to our clients achieving their portfolio goals.

Small losses can be tolerable. Large losses are painful.

At FulcrumEQ, we put just as much emphasis on downside protection as we do upside participation. That's why we designed the AlphaIQ suite of investment strategies to target upside participation in rising markets and focus on limiting downside participation in declining markets.


We understand that small losses can be comparatively tolerable; however, meaningful losses are painful. Large declines resulting from overheated markets can happen quickly, and it can take significantly longer to recover from them. Significant losses also damage long-term investment goals due to the asymmetric damage they inflict relative to large gains. For example, a 100% gain is required to recover from a 50% loss and large losses can be incurred in short periods of time.


The chart below illustrates the amount of time it can take to recover from a severe market decline.


Investments are subject to market risks, including the potential loss of principal invested.


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Fulcrum Equity Management, LLC (FulcrumEQ) is an SEC registered investment advisory firm and is currently notice filed in the states of LA, TN and TX. This is not an offer to sell securities in any other state or jurisdiction.


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