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Third Party Strategists


We support you with a comprehensive list of flexible, yet manageable investment options that enable you to support your entire book of business in one, simplified investment platform.

Third Party Strategists

We carefully select investment providers based on rigorous standards and performance that reflects their philosophy

navellier logo

Navellier is a money management firm that finds and exploits inefficiency in the market, uncovers what they believe to be the market’s best growth stocks and utilizes a disciplined quantitative and fundamental analysis system to deliver customized portfolio strategies for individual investors.

athena logo

AthenaInvest is the industry leader in Behavioral Portfolio Management with a patented research process built on a deep academic foundation. Led by C. Thomas Howard, PhD, CEO and Director of Research, the firm’s unique investment approach is based on proprietary research developed over 35 years of interaction with leading academics and Institutional managers.

churchhill logo

Since 1963, Churchill Management has successfully invested through both Bull and Bear financial markets. By employing a systematic multi-strategy investment approach that combines tactical and fully invested strategies, Churchill aims to ensure portfolios are managed in an appropriate balance for overall client risk tolerances.

henry james

Henry James International Management, Inc. provides specialized strategies for international, global, and foreign investments. Their strategies focus on selecting globally based investment instruments as part of a diversified portfolio. Their  investments endeavor to emphasize growth in developed and emerging markets


Q3's investment strategies are designed to react to changing market environments. They seek to participate in rising markets and reduce risk during unfavorable market conditions. Their experience has taught them that active investment management is increasingly important for delivering a real investment advantage.

ndr logo

Founded in 1980, NDR is a global provider of independent investment research insights, tools, and solutions.  Their approach combines both fundamental and technical research disciplines.  Truly insightful and timely ideas demand a balance between these two disciplines.  Actionable ideas meet balanced, strategic insights through their 360-degree methodology.

Kensington AM logo_blue

Kensington Asset Management specializes in data-driven, quantitative decision models that apply to the equity and fixed income markets. The underlying philosophy of relying on a quantitatively-driven investment decision process was shaped by the formative trading experience of Kensington’s founder, Bruce DeLaurentis.


Donoghue Forlines (formerly W.E. Donoghue) is a Boston-based tactical investment firm that has specialized in active risk-managed portfolios since 1986. Donoghue Forlines offers a full suite of proactive strategies to help advisors and their clients de-risk when market circumstances warrant it, which enables the client to stay disciplined to meet their investment objectives.


Niemann Capital Management has delivered more than 20 years of superior performance through various market cycles.  Niemann employs a structured, rules-based approach and builds their strategies on a solid foundation of quantitative analytics. Their process is tactical, systematic and disciplined.

optimum logo

Optimum Quantvest provides exposure to the S&P 500 Index through a value-based, macro-economic approach,  intended to outperform the Index while maintaining lower than market volatility.  Through this process they seek to express their long-term macro-view, while also gaining exposure to longer term positive return factors. 

optimus logo

Optimus focuses on intelligent, innovative investment management solutions for financial professionals, institutions, and individuals committed to their long-term financial goals.  They believe in systematic investing with a goal of superior risk-adjusted returns over a full-market cycle.

Little Harbor Advisors

Little Harbor Advisors is a boutique investment firm dedicated to tactical strategies and innovative investment structures focused on risk aversion. LHA’s subsidiary, Thompson Capital Management, uses a proprietary Volatility Dashboard to give them a quantitative assessment of current market conditions that guides all their portfolios.


Titan Capital Management, LLC provides global tactical portfolio solutions for the most aggressive investors to the most conservative investors. Their tactical strategies seek to deliver above market, risk-adjusted returns with lower drawdowns than market indices such as the S&P 500 over a full market cycle (bull & bear market).


Potomac was founded in 1987 and they believe there’s no one right way to invest, so they combine the use of tactical and strategic investments to provide an effective and comprehensive approach to building and preserving wealth.

UMA Portfolios

Build and manage well-diversified UMA portfolios with a simplified investment process that helps you identify and select investments that align with client expectations in multiple market scenarios.

High Net Worth Program

Attract and serve high-net-worth investors by partnering closely with our dedicated SMA strategists for fully custom portfolio design and client service.